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South Carolina's Fight Against Methamphetamines

Although South Carolina has dealt with methamphetamine trafficking for decades and users lives have been ruined due to the drug’s destructive nature, we recently discovered the meth "manufacturing" epidemic has now reached our State.

Faces of Meth

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Excutive Director
Jarrod M. Bruder
Executive Director

Executive Director Perspective

College football season is upon us. Whether you are a Tiger, a Gamecock, a Bulldog, a Paladin, a Chanticleer, or anything else, I am sure you are excited for the new season. While I love college football as much as anyone, there is one thing about this sport that truly gets under my skin. It absolutely drives me crazy to listen to all of the fans and sports analyst critique every little aspect of a player’s actions. Why does this drive me crazy, you may ask? Because the vast majority of people critiquing the player’s actions are either unwilling or unable to perform at the level this athlete is performing, but for some reason they feel they are qualified to analyze and evaluate every single action or reaction.

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The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) together with Sheriff's throughout South Carolina as represented by the South Carolina Sheriffs' Association, now offers the OffenderWatch® state solution utilizing leadership OffenderWatch® technology.